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NY Deer Hunting  

217 lbs, 28" neck, 18.5" inside spread,  Lake Ontario NY deer hunting



Deer Hunting In New York State


New York deer 207 lbs. Lake Ontario NY deer huntingMost  private and public lands in the northern New York deer hunting area have hunt-able deer populations. During the last few years more  hunters in this area has resulted in significant pressure on private as well as public land. Unlike 10 years ago when few lands were posted,  most private land is now  posted. That  private land that is not posted is  heavily hunted. Most landowners deer hunt their land or have children, relatives, family, or farm help that hunt deer. A very few do not. Checking for deer hunting permission long before the season begins is necessary. There is a lot of public land open in New York to deer hunting but public land which was pretty much ignored in this area is now hunted hard compared to three years ago. Still, some of the areas large deer are shot on the public lands. The two major categories of public land available to deer hunt in New York are wildlife management areas (WMA) and state forests.  This area has 18,908 acres of New York state land open to deer hunting in186 lb. deer, my first buck, Lake Ontario NY deer hunting WMAs. Nearby  there are also 10,126 acres of New York State forests open to deer hunting.  The New York state lands open to deer  hunting contain some of the largest, thickest, nastiest swamps and thickets around.  It is in these areas that big whitetail bucks  chase does in during daylight while staying  hidden. Mature bucks require many square miles as their home area. The bucks feed and hide in private and public land. Whether hunting private land or public land you are hunting the same individual super smart animals.


New York deer hunting season is still very generous. If one hunts archery, muzzleloader, and rifle season in the northern zones, he or she can deer hunt the  New York  northern zone from September 27th  until about December 11!  I have hunted in many states but when it comes to deer hunting I can still  say " I  love  New York".  Anne and I took these deer during the 2000-2005 NY deer hunting seasons. The deer pictured on this page are the best deer A nice NY deer at Lake Ontario Cottage Rentals, Lake Ontario NY deer hunting Anne and I have taken and are representative of the better size deer  taken in this area though  we have seen bucks taken locally that were  larger.  The deer pictured ranged in dressed weight from 168 lbs. to 217 1/2 lbs. None of these deer came easy but it does show what is possible in this area when QUALITY DEER MANAGEMENT principles are applied when hunting deer in New York.  Every year more and more people are following Quality Deer Management principles.  Imagine the possibilities if everyone followed QDM?

Archery Hunting  - Northern Zone

   Archery hunting in a word is .....Superb..... and I say superbArchery stand, Lake Ontario NY deer hunting because of the numerous opportunities to shoot. Archery is difficult and most of us  archers are happy to harvest either a mature  buck or a management doe.  Because of a good deer population here and because archery season is the first of the hunting seasons the deer are fairly daytime active.  It is not uncommon to see a few or more  deer go by your stand in a  two hour morning or afternoon hunt.  Mostly these will be does with an occasional young buck.  The more mature bucks are not often daytime  active at this point, but can be.  Deer hunting during the New York  archery season is predictable because There not all big, this one is 168 lbs. Lake Ontario NY deer hunting the  deer are in a heavy feeding pattern.  In the woods the deer feed on acorns, hickory nuts, beechnuts, and apples.  In the fields they feed on clover and alfalfa.

Muzzle-loading - Northern Zone

    The northern  New York deer hunting early muzzle-loading season follows archery season and to me is the most fun.   It is a great time to be in the woods deer hunting.  It is only one week in October and the weather can be beautiful. Though it is usually warm, the deer are still on a very active feeding pattern.  The area that we hunt now allows us to shoot bucks or does but we use the NY state muzzle loading  deer hunting season as an  opportunity to do our part in trimming the doe population. It is a lot easier to pass on immature bucks during rifle season when you have a nice doe in the freezer!  New York deer hunting early muzzle-loading season is the best time to introduce young or new hunters to deer hunting because many deer are seen up close and4 1/2 yr. old buck, Lake Ontario NY deer hunting shooting opportunities are plentiful.  Also, the woods are alive with wildlife activity.  If you are quiet and still,  it's amazing how you can become a part of the woods backdrop and easily spy on the inhabitants.  We've seen gray fox hunting, fisher cats chasing squirrels, and partridge rustling through the leaves.  Several times we've been surprised by a hawk zipping between trees chasing prey.  On one of my better days (I was sitting pretty still) a flock of turkeys came by and one almost stepped on my foot!  Not only is there action, there is sound.  The honking of mile high geese is a reminder that winter is coming.  A coyote howling gives you goose bumps.  The incessant chatter of a red squirrel gives you something else to focus on when not much is happening.  And the STOMP and the BLOW lets you know "you're busted."  

                                           Lake Ontario NY deer hunting
    There is a late muzzle-loading season which is about the 2nd week of December.   It can be quite cold.  The deer are pretty educated by then, but if the weather is reasonable hunting can be good.  In 2005 the December  weather was tolerable and the  deer moved real well almost every afternoon.  Try New York deer hunting during muzzle-loading season, it's SUPERB!

Rifle Season - Northern Zone

Lake Ontario NY deer hunting    New York deer hunting rifle season typically opens the 3rd Saturday in October, the day after the end of muzzle-loading season.  The pressure of bow hunting, muzzle-loading and wild turkey hunting seasons shows in reduced deer activity.  No longer do you see fields of grazing deer on an early morning or late  evening drive.  Still opening day of rifle deer season does account for many bucks being taken, mostly 1 year olds not every deer hunter appreciates the benefits  of letting the young bucks "walk").  The pressure of opening weekend deer hunting, combined with the normal October lull, makes  much of the remainder of October quite uneventful when hunting for bucks.  Even though the coming rut will get them moving, expect a challenge because the deer have definitely passed 'hunter recognition 101'  by this time.  They knowLake Ontario NY deer huntingOOOPS I thought it was an 8, Lake Ontario NY deer hunting where all the hunters' favorite stands are located.  

    Sometime in late October deer movement begins to pick up.  Now more rubs and scrapes appear daily.  The rut kicks in and deer hunting action steps up a notch.  Many of the largest bucks are taken  around November 10. Always a giant buck or two is taken  after November 10 right through rifle seasons end.  It is near the end of deer hunting season that the giant deer of state parks, large closed off  private properties and hard to hunt areas do most of their long range roaming in search of estrous does.  New York deer hunting during rifle season is full of surprises and once in a while unbelievable action.

                                              Lake Ontario NY deer hunting

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Our Lake Ontario cottage are three waterfront cottage rentals in New York State.  Guests return each year to enjoy family vacations, family reunion vacations, fishing NYs famous Salmon River, fishing Lake Ontario and Sandy Pond, hunting New York Deer, ducks, geese and wild turkey and to photograph diverse scenery of NYs Salmon River, Sandy Pond and Lake Ontario.  We New York!

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